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Photo by Aliah Schwartz

Photo by Aliah Schwartz

No Need for Blue Jeans Here

A collaboration with Guillaume Loslier-Pinard while working under the name Blunder Blender, No Need for Blue Jeans Here is a performance piece based around recycled objects. Exploring a bizarre landscape made up of plastic tools and light, Loslier-Pinard and Schwartz play within an absurd ecosystem through engaging with their created environment .

No Need for Blue Jeans Here has been presented in different iterations at Tangente, Kinetic Studio, Mainline Theatre and ZH festival.

Creator/Performers: Aliah Schwartz and Guillaume Loslier-Pinard

Lighting and set designer: Darah Miah

Cornstarch and Other Dilemmas

Cornstarch and Other Dilemmas is a dance piece created with Chloe Hart in 2016. Exploring a spectrum between compassion and aggression.

The collaboration was presented at Montreal St Ambroise Fringe Festival and Kinetic Studio’s Open Studio Series.

Choreographers/performers: Chloe Hart and Aliah Schwartz

Photo by Jules Bedard

Photo by Jules Bedard

Photo by

Photo by

It could be could it

It could be could it is a solo created with performer Guillaume Loslier-Pinard in 2016.

It could be could it was performed at Art Matters Festival

Choreographed by Aliah Schwartz

Performed by Guillaume Loslier-Pinard